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13th of March

Flat Icons 1

Flat icons are a hot property right now, love it or hate it it’s nothing new, in fact it’s not even a ‘Metro’ thing, it’s purely an extension from the simplistic design style going all the way back to Braun and Dieter Rams – take a look at some of the old manuals, printed icons on devices etc. – so here we are with a small set of 3 icons for you.

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8th of March

Gui Kit 2

I have another little GUI kit for you today – a subtle gray and blue combination give this an air of professional and business like appeal. Complete with button states, alerts, toggles, social icons and switches there’s lots to play around with and alter for your own uses.

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7th of March

Temperature Pins

Something a little different today that was an idea some time ago. Temperature pins for a weather and map application. They show the Temperature of the area via a speedometer type display for a visual reference, below a certain temperature the guage shows in blue and orange / red when hot.

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